Around this time of year there’s always two different groups of people that emerge in conversation – those that have been to Coachella and those that haven’t.

(Then there’s also that really small third group like Kyle who go all the way over to the Californian desert only to not step foot inside the festival…)

With the annual Palm Springs festival having just taken place over the Easter break, anyone that was lucky enough to attend will likely have no problem telling you all about it.

KIIS1065’s own Bec Judd is one of these lucky few who got to travel to the music festival for a girls trip this year and she told Kyle and Jackie O all about it on the show this morning.

Bec told us that Coachella really is as good as it’s hyped up to be and told us that she’s caught the bug and is ready to go back each and every year.


“It was amazing,” Bec told us this morning.

“It was my first time and I already can’t wait until it goes live to buy tickets for the next one. I’m going to try and get there every year.”

Bec was so obsessed with Coachella that she was absolutely gobsmacked to hear that Kyle was there too, only he didn’t actually go to any part of the festival. “I didn’t go I just stayed at the house,” Kyle told Bec.

“What?! No way!” Bec said.

But maybe Kyle will change his tune next year after Bec continued to tell us what a weekend at Coachella is reaaallllyyy like.

Here’s everything that we learned:


1. The place is literally FULL of Marijuana 

“Everyone there smokes weed,” were Bec Judd’s words.

Bec told us that at Coachella you’re just constantly walking through clouds of smoke! She said that at first she thought it was really scandalous but then remembered that it’s actually legal over there.

“You’re just walking through a big haze of smoke,” Bec told us. “It’s quite confronting! It’s weird.”

“So when you’re at Coachella everyone’s just walking around with a joint?” Jackie asked.

“Pretty much! Not us. Us Aussies were a bit like, ‘Wow, hang on, something’s not right here!’ and then everyone’s like, ‘Nah nah, it’s totally cool’.”


2. There’s parties galore!

While Coachella and the main music acts that perform at the music festival really form just a big party in itself, there are actually tons of smaller parties going on all the time.

So if you’re planning on going to the music festival next year, prepare yourself for very small amounts of sleep!

“I went with nine girlfriends and three guy friends so there was 12 of us,” Bec said.

“I can kind of understand how you said you didn’t actually go in because there are so many amazing side parties that we would actually go to a day party and then go into Coachella at night and then we’d go to a party after that.


“Palm Springs is going off!”

Bec also said that it was never something she really imagined herself going to, but now she’s hooked!

“It is amazing. It was never on my bucket list but since going the architecture and just the vibe is next level.”

3. There are MAJOR celebrities everywhere!

If you’re planning a Coachella trip next year, prepare your inner fan girl because you’re likely to run into some pretty big names.


Bec Judd certainly did!

“Who did you see?” Kyle asked her this morning.

“In the crowd, sitting over in the corner with his hoodie and his glasses on, we saw Leo from a distance,” Bec said. Yep, that’s Leonardo DiCaprio. NBD.

“But, next to us was Cuba Gooding Jr,” she continued.


“And one of my all time faves Paris Hilton. So she walked past us with with Poppy Delevingne and her girl gang and no one noticed any of the other girls. Everyone was looking at Paris because when she walks through a crowd, she does that full strut like she’s on a catwalk.”

“She was probably the most exciting for me to see,” Bec added.

Well it seems like Coachella really does live up to the hype!

Hear our chat with Bec Judd in the video above!