While none of the couples actually worked out on this season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia, the one couple that we were really devastated about breaking up was Jules and Alisha.

Of course we were mad when Jules started playing around with Alisha’s emotions but we really just wanted things to work out for Alisha after she really gave love on the show a red hot crack!

As we saw on the final episode last night, things really just didn’t recover in their relationship after Jules left Alisha for Tenille, before rebounding back to her when he was rejected by Tenille.

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Sometimes letting go is easier said than done 💛

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Alisha joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning when she opened up about the heartbreak that she felt from her whirlwind of a romance with Jules on the show.

“My last five months have been so difficult, I can’t even tell you,” Alisha revealed.


“Particularly around December and January, which was sort of just off the show, I was a mess.

“It’s just that rejection. Just fundamentally, it was so hurtful.”

When asked why Alisha decided to give Jules a second chance after he ditched her for Tenille, she told us that at first she really believed his innocent act and that with a lack of relationship experience he truly was confused about his feelings.

But Alisha told us that she now believes that Jules’ innocence was just that – an act.

“The first time round, that first rose ceremony when I was sort of like weighing things up and he’d come back to me and been like, ‘Follow your heart’, I was going with this idea that he’d been telling me that he’d never had a girlfriend before and he’s been in the army for like five years,” Alisha explained.

“So the first time round I was like, ‘I think I’m going to give it a chance and see if the whole like 24-year-old, never had a girlfriend schtick is actually true and maybe he just is genuinely confused’.


“But I don’t buy it as much anymore,” she continued.


Hear our full chat with Alisha following the Bachelor in Paradise finale in the video below!

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