Bachelor in Paradise Australia has officially wrapped up for another season.

This morning, one of the show’s key cast members, Alisha, joined Kyle and Jackie O for a chat to get to the bottom of some of this season’s drama.

And so of course we had chat about Aisha’s pretty tumultuous relationship with Jules.

After a pretty on again, off again start to their romance in Paradise, last night on the final episode Jules and Alisha chose to walk away from their relationship and leave Fiji single.

While chatting about the relationship, Kyle of course quickly took things down a pretty personal path.

“How many people did you sleep with on that island?” Kyle asked.

“Just one,” laughed Alisha a bit awkwardly.


“Jules?” asked Jackie in shock.

“Yeah,” she replied. “We’re all adults here.”

Not only did Alisha confirm that things got hot and heavy with her and Jules during their time together on the show, but she went on to detail the pretty crazy steps contestants have to take before they’re allowed to sleep together.

“I was reading that you guys have to, before you have sex on the island, you have to tell a producer on camera that you give consent,” Jackie said.


“If they see you get too hot and heavy they will interrupt,” Alisha revealed. “And it’s good. It’s a duty of care. I think it’s a good rule to have.”

We totally agree that it’s VERY important to make sure everyone is comfortable with the situation before it happens, especially with alcohol involved, but just imagine having to be the producer that interrupts a couple full on making out or something…

Super awkward! Not to mention a bit of a boner killer for the couple we’re sure…

“What and then you just go back to making out again?” asked Kyle

“Its a bit of a mood killer, not going to lie,” Alisha admitted. “Very sexy.”

The other question on Kyle and Jackie’s mind was how the couples even have the privacy to have sex when there’s cameras and producers literally everywhere on the island.


Alisha revealed all the tricks that contestants used.

“There’s not a camera in the shower area,” she laughed. “Or you know, you do the discretion with the sheets.”

“The donna dance,” Kyle chimed in.

Of course this so-called donna dance, as Kyle so delicately put it, would still appear on camera but Alisha reassured us that producer’s give the couples privacy and aren’t doing a sneaky in the control room.

“I have heard that they like, as soon as you give consent, they put a little cardboard or piece of paper over [the monitor].”

“Oh you’re easily fooled,” Kyle joked.


Hear our full Bachelor In Paradise finale chat in the video above!

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