When it comes to the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia we’ve all got one question on our minds…

What the HECK happened between Alex Nation and Richie Strahan?!

The pair first met on Richie’s season of The Bachelor with Alex coming out as the winner at the end. However, the pair shortly broke up after filming and it seems they never really spoke to or saw each other again until now.

Alex and Richie are about to come face to face once again in paradise and according the teaser trailer, they’re going to hash out all their problems in a completely unedited argument for all of us viewers to watch at home!

But being major Bachie fans, we honestly can’t wait until this airs to find out what exactly happened between these two.


And so when Alex joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning ahead of the BIP premiere, we decided to get some intel on the situation!

And what we found out, is JUICY!

“And Alex, when do we see you and Richie doing your longest, unedited fight in reality TV history?” Jackie asked.

“I can’t actually tell you when it happens,” Alex said. “It’s soon.”

While she couldn’t give away the WHEN she did give us a bit more info into what goes down.

In fact, Alex revealed that she’s the one who dumped Richie and in a VERY savage way.


“Did you guys not break up on good terms?” Jackie asked.

“I dumped him over a text message,” Alex revealed. “So that’s not probably the best thing.”

“But was it warranted in that you were obviously annoyed at something he’d done or was it just because it wasn’t working?” Jackie continued.

“Yeah, I think it was the nature of the situation and I kind of just shut down and that’s how I dealt with it,” Alex concluded.

So it’s looking like this breakup came about because of something Richie did…? And he’s probably not happy because of the text message dumping situation.

Gosh we can’t wait to watch this all go down!


Bachelor In Paradise season two kicks off tonight 7:30PM on Channel Ten.

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