Anne Marie is a global superstar with songs that are known by everyone everywhere, but even she has heard about Australia’s hit reality TV show Married At First Sight.

While Married At First Sight started out as a mere dating experiment, the amount of cheating, scandal and drama that has erupted on the Aussie version has caused it to make headlines everywhere.

But not only has Anne Marie heard about MAFS. She actually said that she wants to sign up for it!

Anne Marie was chatting with Kyle and Jackie O this morning when the topic of conversation quickly turned to Aussie TV, which she has caught a lot of while being Down Under for her Aussie tour.

Anne Marie first told us that she was completely obsessed with another reality TV show,the Australian version of Gogglebox.

“OMG I love it,” she told us. “It was so funny! I think it’s better than our one [the UK version].”


Jackie then asked Anne Marie if she’d seen the reality show that everyone’s talking about over here at the moment, Married At First Sight.

This is when Anne Marie admitted that she’s single and would totally consider actually becoming a participant!

“We’ve been going crazy over a show called Married At First Sight,” Jackie said.

“Oh I’ve heard about this,” Anne Marie replied.

“Yeah it’s people that can’t find a boyfriend or girlfriend and they’re so desperate for love that they just marry a stranger and see how it goes,” Kyle added.

“Sounds perfect for me,” Anne Marie laughed. “I think I might join it.”


Of course we know she was kidding, but it also gives us a FABULOUS idea! Married At First Sight Celebrity Edition!!

Better get on that one quick smart Channel Nine; as if that wouldn’t be the best TV viewing ever!

Hear our chat with Anne Marie in the video above!

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