We meet some odd character’s here on the Kyle and Jackie O show who usually have some pretty whacky stories to tell us, but today has to take the cake for the most unexpected caller yet.

During the last calls segment, which sees our listeners call up the station and chat to Kyle and Jackie about anything that’s on their mind, we met Ray.

Ray is a 77-year-old man and on the outside he might seem like your average elderly person.

But underneath his clothes he’s hiding something you would never, ever expect.

Ray has FIVE tattoos on the knob of his penis… And no we’re not kidding.

“I’ve done something that no other man has ever done before that I know of at my age,” explained Ray to us on the air this morning.

“I’ve got five tattoos on the knob of my penis,” he revealed as Kyle and Jackie burst out laughing.



But as Ray listed off the whacky designs he’s got going on down there, he revealed that the total number of tattoos on his penis is way more than just five.

Down on his member Ray tells us he’s sporting a smiley face wearing a red hat, an ant, a bee, a mosquito, a green crocodile down the side, the word love, a saint, the words ‘your name’ and the one we think he’s most proud of, a Donald Trump tattoo.

When asked why he’d get the US president tattooed down there, Ray had a pretty simple explanation.

“Because I think he’s a d*ck head and he’s cocky,” he said.

Ray also told us that he uses the ‘your name’ tattoo as a bit of a (creepy) pick up line.


“You say to the girls in the club, ‘I’ve got your name tattooed on my d*ck,” Ray told us. “Sometimes it does [work] sometimes you get a smack in the mouth.”

Well it’s safe to say that we were pretty gobsmacked by Ray’s story. It almost sounds unbelievable! But

Ray assured us that it’s a true story and he’s even willing to come into the studio to prove his tattoos exist.

He also wants us to help him get his story onto TV!

Tune in for that one tomorrow…

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