You’ll remember a few years ago when Kristen Stewart was caught canoodling director Rupert Sanders of the movie Snow White & The Huntsman?

Well it caused some BIG waves, especially because she was dating Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson at the time.

Now four years later, the second movie in the ‘Huntsman’ franchise has been released with no sign of Kristen Stewart – or Rupert Sanders.

But K-Stew took her interview with Variety magazine to de-bunk any rumours that she was ‘fired’ from the movie for any reason – including an affair with her director.

“I read a few scripts. None of them were good. None of them were greenlight-able. And I had a meeting with Universal about the places where the story could go. Maybe Chris was more into it. I actually don’t f—ing know,” she said.


“It wasn’t a situation where I got kicked off a movie because I got in trouble. We had been in talks months after that about making something work, and it never came together.”

Hmmm. Whatever you say, K-Stew…

Source: MTV Australia

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