Uber Eats have managed to get some pretty big names on their ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating…” ads, but this latest edition has to be their biggest and most iconic yet!

In the most unlikely of partnerships, Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim has found a new Kimmy to play netball with… None other than Kim Kardashian West.

Yes, that’s right. Kimmy K is in the latest Uber Eats campaign. BIBLE!

We open up on Sharon, played by Magda Szubanski, lying down on the couch wearing her usual Goal Keeper netball bib, telling us that tonight she’ll be eating pesto gnocchi – although of course she pronounces it with the typically silent G. Classic Sharon.

She then asks Kim what she’s going to have, but instead of panning over to Kimmy with her infamous front fringe and g-banger, we see Kim Kardashian sitting in the living room wearing a KKW netball bib and doing her nails.


Kim becomes full Aussie, saying she’ll be eating a chicken schnitty with chips and chicken salt. Iconic!

Sharon then tries to teach Kimmy how to say the word, ‘Noice’ properly, so they can discuss how different and unusual their meals are.

Honestly it’s the best thing ever! Check it out in the video above.

We wonder how much Uber Eats had to pay momager Kris Jenner to get Kimmy K to do the ad..?

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