In a new Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip, it’s revealed that Khloe Kardashian still checks up on ex-husband Lamar Odom.

In the clip, Khloe needed a number off her broken Blackberry while in the car with Kim Kardashian.

An exasperated Khloe reveals her frustrations, when Kim asks “Is it anyone that I would know?”

Khloe reveals she needs Lamar’s number, and Kim asks: “Why do you need Lamar’s number?”

Khloe replies with fire and sass…

“So I can check on him! I haven’t had my Blackberry all week since I’ve been here because it’s broken and I wanted to make sure he’s okay. Can’t I do that?”


“You just deserve so much better,” Kim responded.

But Khloe fired back at her sister:

“I’m still, no matter what, his friend and I care to see if he’s alive for the day. I can’t do that? I don’t ever come at you about all your trifling *beep* you used to do before you got married, so take a chill pill, slore.”

In a solo camera-confessional later in the clip Khloe says:

“Lamar and I loved each other deeply and I don’t believe in just acting like that relationship never existed,” Khloe says.

“Things happened but that doesn’t just stop me from caring about him or loving him, so if I feel the need to check on Lamar, that’s my prerogative and I’m going to do it.”


Well, at least we know never to get on Khloe’s bad side! Although it appears the sisters have definitely made up after the incident!

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