When Khloe, Kim, Kendall and Kylie all launched their apps yesterday,no one thought that Khloe’s very random tutorial video would come in first place. 

Of all the things the Kardashian girls could teach us, Khloe talked us through the process of stacking cookies in a big glass jar so they make a neat pattern and can be a feature in your kitchen. 

Yes, you read right. 

Every month, Khloe (definitely the most down to earth Kardashian) re stacks huge glass jars with cookies. Khloe says her OCD is a ‘blessing’ while placing her cookies in a precise pattern within the jar.

Khloe’s jars were a point of conversation since she posted an instagram picture of a bunch of flowers and the internet went nuts over the jars in the background. 

The thing that shocked me the most? Khloe refrained from eating ZERO cookies while stacking. Amazing. 


Source: Cosmopolitan

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