Kelly Clarkson announced her second pregnancy in the most exciting way! 

Mid-performance, worried that her fans would think she was a bit off or ‘crazy’ she decided to go off book and announce that the reason she was hormonal was in fact that she is expecting! 

The news was met with huge cheers from the crowd. 

“I was not planning on announcing this. I’m totally pregnant again,”

“That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy. Honestly I’m just hormonal today. Nothing’s wrong. I’m okay. I haven’t vomited yet!”


And considering how cute her first bub is we can’t wait to see the second!

When pregnant with River, Kelly admitted the nine months wasn’t all smooth sailing. 

“My body shut down when I [was] pregnant, it was the worst,” she said.

“I just want one more so I just got to pain through it one more time.”


Congratulations to Kelly and her hubbie! 

Hope the morning sickness isn’t too horrible! 

Top Image: Instagram

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