There have been so many rumours of breakups and disagreements surrounding their ten year marriage but Keith Urban has revealed that his relationship with Nicole Kidman is completely stable.

Talking to the Today show’s Richard Wilkins, he said it was difficult to keep on top for he rumours as the couple enjoy their lives out of the spotlight.

The couple spend their time between New South Wales’s Southern Highlands and their home in Nashville.

‘It does [annoy me], I want to live our life together, and the fact we live somewhere where we’re not being photographed all the time – it makes it possible for people to make up that stuff because you’re not always there to defend it.’

The industry lauded country singer said their low-key life means it’s rare they even become aware there are rumours circulating about them.

While he admits the rumours annoys him, he say he and Nicole are ‘just getting on with our lives’.

The 49-year old is currently touring the Unites States and will head to New Zealand and Australia in December to complete the tour.