Aussie fitness guru Kayla Itsines is facing backlash following her baby shower over the weekend. 

Kayla, who is due to have her first baby, a girl, in May, was thrown a baby shower planned by her sister Leah. 

But even though she didn’t plan it, Kayla is still being criticised for the party being too “extravagant”.

Kayla and her fiance, Tobi Pearce, arrived to the party in the weekend, which featured soft green vintage chairs, marble tables, personalised and individually-wrapped cookies and a pastel pink and chrome balloon installation.


Kayla’s post about the baby show received thousands of comments from well-wishes, commenting on how beautiful Kayla was, but alongside this was hundreds of expressing disapproval at the ‘extra’ celebration. 

“This baby shower is so extra,” one fan wrote, with another saying “It’s a bit extravagant for me lol”.

“I’m sure we’ll have enough money in our budget to recreate this look?” one person joked.

This isn’t the first lavish party the couple have put on this year, as an engagement party that was organised by Tobi as a surprise for Kayla was like something out of a fairytale. 


Dressed in white, Kayla was blindfolded and led to a mammoth marquee, decked out with thousands of fairy lights and candles, a white floral wall to rival Kim and Kanye’s wedding and custom signage spelling out: “The Pearce Family”.

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Oh. My. God! Surprise engagement party 🥳 Last night we flew back from Melbourne and @tobi_pearce was silent in the car. I said “I feel like something is weird”. He smiled and said “… you have an hour to get ready”. I said “WHAT? .. for what? Where are we going”. He didn’t respond. He dropped me off at my friends dress shop, there was a makeup artist, hair dresser and 5 dress options on the table. I was thinking … what is GOING ON!!? I got ready, and got back in the car. He handed me a blind fold, 15 minutes later he walked me slowly into our house where he took OFF my blind fold and there was 130 family and friends around us in a marquee. I honestly just started crying! We’ve been so busy, I totally forgot to take a second to celebrate our life. It was such a beautiful night. Thank you to my amazing family and friends for making last night so beautiful!! Tobi, I love you with all my heart 💖 As usual you’ve gone out of your way to make everything perfect and your speech was incredible 🥰 I can’t wait to marry you next year, thankyou for all you do my chicken 💓💕

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