Karl Stefanovic has returned to work on TODAY since the birth of his daughter with wife Jasmine Yarbrough.

The Channel 9 presenter took a week off to stay home after welcoming Harper May on Friday, May 1st.

When asked by co-host Allison Langdon how he was coping with the birth of his daughter, as well as returning to work, he responded: “I’ve been struggling a bit.”

He added, “Everything hurts. I’m tired. Emotional.”

Allison had little sympathy though saying, “That’s great, but it’s time for the news. We can deal with this in the ad break.”


Despite the challenges, Karl referred to the past week as “wonderful” but admitted that changing nappies again for the first time in over a decade was a bit of a shock.

“I know they call it the bubble in the first couple of weeks but Harper may the bubble continue,” he said.

“She is so gorgeous – 2.9 kilos of just scrumptious delight. She’s sleeping OK, three hours on, three hours off.”

“Jasmine has just taken it in her stride, she is feeding really well. It makes me cry already.


“It felt very difficult waking up this morning only five minutes after changing a nappy, but it’s like riding a bike – you just get used to it.”

Karl went on to thank viewers for their lovely messages, adding: “This is a really beautiful time for us and we felt all your love.”

Congratulations Karl!

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