Reeooowww!! Looks like we accidentally ignited a cat fight on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

In case you missed it, Karl Stefanovic joined the show with his new cohost Allison Langdon this morning when we asked him what he thought about Richard Reid outing his hair plug secret on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

In short, Karl wasn’t all too happy about it, calling Reid a “tosser of the highest order”. Ouch!

Moments later, Richard Reid joined Kyle and Jackie O during O News when we played him back exactly what Karl had said. And let’s just say this is when things got catty!

Richard wasn’t afraid to hold back initially beginning with a sarcastic quip.

“Well at least I’m a tosser of the highest order,” Richard joked. “Does that mean I get a crown or a medal?”


In defence of outing Karl’s secret on national television last year, Richard said that he was actually doing Karl a favour.

“I kept Karl’s name in the headlines,” he told us. “I mean the poor guy, he didn’t have a job… I kept Karl’s name in the headlines. He should be grateful to me.”

As for his relationship with Karl, Richard went on to explain that while all seemed fine on camera, off camera their friendship was rather strained. (In case that wasn’t already obvious at this point…)

“I think it might be a little stretch that our relationship was beautiful,” Richard said, referring to the way Karl described their friendship.

“I think the truth and the testament to Karl’s personality, oh my god, was in the ratings. That’s all I can say,” Richard continued.


“I like Karl just fine. I like him just fine, in small doses. I don’t have a problem with Karl, not much.”

As for what caused this rift in their friendship, Richard explained that he got sick of Karl’s behaviour and personality from time to time.

“Karl got a little full of himself. He started talking about himself in the third person… and I just like everyone to be down to earth and accessible and he just got a little full of himself and I didn’t really care for that like the rest of Australia,” Richard revealed.

Well then! For those hoping Richard Reid would make a comeback to the Today Show, now that Karl’s back at the helm we’d say that this is very unlikely after hearing this!

Hear more from our chat with Richard Reid in the podcast below!


You can hear what Karl Stefanovic originally said about Richard Reid here.

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