The news that the almost-forgotten Kardashian brother, Rob is dating Blac Chyna has caused controversy over recent days.

Chyna, 27, is Tyga’s ex and baby mama (to son King Cairo), and of course he’s now dating Rob’s half-sister Kylie Jenner.

But it seems the Kardashian Klan might be warming up to the idea of Rob’s relationship with Chyna.

“The initial dramatic and shocked reactions from Rob’s family have actually calmed down a bit,” a source told PEOPLE. “It’s difficult to not be at least a little bit excited that Rob finally seems to have snapped out of the funk. Everyone agrees that he deserves to be happy.”

Rob, 28, stepped out of the spotlight in the last two years after battling depression and significant weight gain.

On Thursday, he posted a photo of himself working out.


“He acted miserable for so long. It was awful when he just wanted to isolate himself,” the source said. “It was sad that he was embarrassed about his weight gain and got depressed. Forever it seemed like Rob wasn’t mentally able to snap out of it.”

While it’s “definitely very annoying that Chyna is the one that could get to him, at least Rob seems happier,” the source said. “It’s still frustrating for his family that they tried to help him for so long and he wanted nothing to do with their help, but at least his family gets a bit of a break.” 

Rob was hospitalised in December and diagnosed with diabetes, but continued to sabotage his own health, which frustrated his family.

“Now he seems to do what’s best for his health,” the source said. “If he works out with Chyna and eats healthy, that’s a very positive thing. If she can get him to feel more comfortable and not embarrassed, that’s a huge step for Rob.”  

Another source told PEOPLE that Rob, who shied away from the public eye, has been out and about with Chyna, with the source saying: 

“He already looks transformed. He acts very happy, confident and keeps smiling,” the source said. “It’s like a new Rob.” 


Although when news broke of their relationship on Monday, Kylie was reportedly “livid” and Khloe “felt betrayed”, there is “no doubt that Chyna so far seems to be a good influence,” the source said.

Source: PEOPLE

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