Kanye West is back in the headlines after what can only be described as a ‘bizarre’ rant on the Ellen Degeneres show.

He sat on stage and proceeded to rant for 7-minutes about, something – no-one is really sure what.

But luckily, Ellen snuck in a question everyone wanted the answer to. “Now are you done or will you have more children?” Ellen asked.

“Maybe,” is all he managed to reply.

But Ellen pushed harder, asking him if Kim is a fan of having three kids. But Kanye kept his poker face strong and simply said, “Perhaps.” Come ON, Kanye!

Give us a bit more than that.


Ellen handled the awkward VERY situation well though.

“That’s not what she said,” she said. “Yeah she doesn’t want more,” the host continued.

“But you want more?” “Let’s see what happens,” Kanye said with a smile.

Hmm, does this mean Kanye is TOTALLY pushing for a third? We know Kim isn’t a HUGE fan of being pregnant, so perhaps not…

Source: Hollywood Life

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