Oh, Justin.

You really can’t have a day at the moment without something going wrong, can you?

The latest thing to go wrong for the ‘Sorry’ singer is a video that has emerged on Twitter.

It shows the Biebs allegedly throwing a fans present out of his car window, then winding up his window on the fan.

Not exactly the kindest gesture we have ever seen from the main man.


The video is a bit weird as we don’t see the fan give him the gift but it appears he gets it when the camera is down. 

Justin defintely doesn’t look happy, though.

Of course, Twitter has started throwing up it’s own theories with some saying that the fan must have thrown the present at JB, so he’s responded by asking ”Why did you throw that at me” and is actually reacting to aggressive behaviour.


If that is the case.. we get it but, there’s no evidence of that, everyone.

How about we just stay away from JB for just a little while.

Let him chill.

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