Justin Bieber is no stranger to criticism.

He’s had his fair share over the years; some he deserved, some he really didn’t. But it seems that what we hoped would happen to Bieber has begun to happen in front of our very eyes; he’s growing up.

I feel it all began when he stood up and allowed himself to be the centre of ‘The Justin Bieber Roast’.

He had insults flung at him, exposing his every vulnerability, and he took it like a man.

He didn’t crumble, he accepted everything and I think of that moment as his kind of re-birth.

Next came the new album, Purpose, which managed to blow the entire world out of the water.

Then, he begun what looked like the mission to get Selena Gomez back.


Sure, it may seem like it’s at a bit of a standstill right now, but it’s great that he knows where his heart lies – and it’s with someone as awesome as her.

Since then, he’s been holidaying a lot with his dad, his little brother Jaxon, little sister Jazmyn and his best friend Hailey Baldwin.

Then, recently on Instagram, he uploaded a photo with a message that made me stop and think.

This is a guy who has literally grown up in front of the world. He’s had to go through the mistakes, trials and tribulations that are reserved for teenagers in front of a live audience, so this caption makes total sense to me.


As he seems to be smoking a cigarette while atop a boat shaking hands with a friend, the caption reads; “Don’t waste your time picking apart this photo. What you do shouldn’t be decided by someone else’s decisions. Spend more time focusing on who people are, and less on what they do unless it’s directly affecting you!”

Word, Justin!

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