This is the most surprising couple of the year, BY FAR.

Singing sensation Justin Bieber is reportedly hanging out with Rita Ora in Los Angeles and sources are saying it looked like a date.

The two have a bit of history together after Justin was the major reason behind her break-up with Calvin Harris two years ago.

Clearly they have kept in touch with other and while there isn’t much to say other than they had dinner together.

The pair were spotted dressed casually for dinner at a restaurant called Kitchen 24 in LA. They then moved onto a spot called Warwick, which is an upmarket bar. 

When photographers were outside the bar, they clearly wanted their privacy as Justin zipped up his hoodie so only one eye could be seen and Rita kept her face out of sight with a hat.


Rita has publicly said previously that she finds Justin attractive and has a crush on him.. so I mean.. it could well be on!

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