There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the upcoming movie, Mother’s Day. 

In case you haven’t, check out the trailer below.. 

Stars in the film include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis and Julia Roberts. All VERY big names. 

However still, Julia Roberts was paid a whopping $979,000 for each day of work on the film. 

According to Variety, the 48-year-old ranked in $3.9 million in total for her supporting role in the film. 

It’s believed her role took just four days to shoot. 


Obscene salaries aren’t unusual for Roberts. 

In 2000, the actress was paid $US 20 million for starring in Erin Brockovich and in 2010 she made $US 3 million for a three minute appearance in Valentine’s Day. 

However Mother’s Day made just $10.8 million in the US on it’s opening weekend and the reviews haven’t been wonderful… 

The Detroit News: Mother’s Day is not a tribute to mothers. It’s an insult to everyone. 

Entertainment Weekly: If you love your mother, do not make her see this movie. 

Boston Globe: It’s like a nightmare in which you are trapped in an endless kmart aisle of horrible holiday cards. 


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