You have to love that Julia Morris can have a laugh at herself.

After making headlines last year for forgetting to announce the Logie nominees for Outstanding Entertainment Program – instead launching straight into the winner, the comedian decided to up the ante!

Returning to the stage to present the Silver Logie for Best Presenter, Morris joked about her previous gaffe as she pretended to forget the nominees once again.

But it was all seriousness after that. Or at least for a minute.

After telling the crowd she didn’t want to be “old funny guy”, the I’m A Celebrity host did a spin to show off her “amazing clothes”.

Tripping over and ending face first on the floor, Morris yelled “Oh f***. Oh, God. Oh, dear. Oh. Oh. F***!”.

WARNING: Contains Language That May Offend Sensitive Ears


However it didn’t end there. Eventually getting up, minus a shoe, the presenter went on to announce the award – with a giant smear of lipstick across her face.

If you’re wondering who eventually won that award… it was Waleed Aly – who also took home the Gold.

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