Well Jordyn Woods certainly wasn’t lying! About doing a lie detector test that is.

Yep, this Jordyn Woods, Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian drama will literally never die apparently with the whole thing brought up once again on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk.

Of course you should by now be aware that Jordyn was shunned from the Kar-Jenner Klan, despite being Kylie Jenner’s longtime BFF, after she was caught up in one of Tristan Thompson’s numerous cheating scandals.

Tristan, who is Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, was allegedly spotted making out with Jordyn at a party earlier this year.

Following the reports, Jordyn went on Facebook talk show Red Table Talk to tell her side of the story saying that she did kiss Tristan but denied other reports that she’d been hooking up with the basketball player for months prior.

Nine months on, she’s decided to prove her innocence one last time with the help of a polygraph machine.

On Episode 22 of Red Table Talk, Jordyn was shown strapped up to the lie detector as she was asked questions by certified polygraphist Shon Thurman.


“I just want everyone to know I’m telling the truth and that’s the most important story to me – the truth,” Jordyn said.

Numerous questions were asked during the test but one in particular caught the attention of those watching on.

“Did you have sexual intercourse with Tristan Thompson,” Shon asked. To which Jordyn replied, “No.”

In the end, Shon revealed that in his professional opinion, Jordyn was in fact telling the truth.

“You absolutely passed and I believe you’re being truthful on the test,” he revealed.

Well there you go! Although we wonder what the Kar-Jenner’s will have to say about this? Khloe certainly wasn’t happy the first time Jordyn went on Red Table Talk to air all their dirty laundry…


Will this be enough to get Jordyn back in the family’s good graces? Something tells us that ship has sailed.

Watch the Red Table Talk Episode for yourself here!

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