The internet went CRAZY over the last week after JoJo Siwa uploaded a TikTok of herself singing along to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, which has become quite the gay anthem!


♬ Born This Way Lady Gaga – johanna

Obviously, this wasn’t exactly a solid confirmation or ‘coming out’ and her fans were left questioning…

So the 17-year old entrepreneur uploaded a video on her Instagram to clear up any confusion.

“For the last 48 hours, I have gotten the most endless amount of love and support,” she gushed at the start of her video.

“I am really, really — I’m really happy. And now that the world gets to see this side of my life, it makes me really happy.”


However, she’s not quite ready to ‘label’ herself, being 17 it’s no wonder she still wants to figure out herself and see which shoe fits, so when a fan asked how she ‘labels’ or ‘identifies’ she responded with…

“I have thought about this, and the reason why I’m not ready to say this answer is because I don’t really know this answer.”

“I think humans are awesome. I think humans are really incredible people,” she said.

“I want to keep things in my life private before they’re ready to become public,” she added, more diplomatically.

“I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been. And that’s what matters.”



You can listen to her whole video here:

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