Last week Jimmy Kimmel won our hearts when he took up the pro-vaccination campaign.

With an outbreak of measles in LA, the late night host decided to invite some medical professionals onto the show to dispel the anti-vaccine myths.

“There’s a small but still sizable group of people who are choosing not to vaccinate their children,” Kimmel said.

“Here in LA there are schools in which 20 per cent of the students aren’t vaccinated, because parents here are more afraid of gluten then they are of small pox.”

Needless to say, the video went viral with Kimmel receiving applause from around the world.

But as is want to happen in the ongoing vaccination debate, there was also plenty of people unhappy with him.


So this week Kimmel did what Kimmel does best. He read the mean tweets live on air.

And boy did some of them shock us!

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