Jess Hart is one of those models who seems to have it all; a loving family, legs for days, and even a quirk that sets her apart from everybody else. It seems as though she was made for modelling, and slipped into the role rather effortlessly.

However, during an interview with 60 Minutes and sister Ashley Hart, Jess recalled her start in the business and how she wasn’t sure if it was right for her.

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She explained that after winning the Dolly Model Search at just 14-years-old, she was flown to Japan for her first shoot and just wanted to come home. She had the same reaction when flown to the US; her career was taking off, but Jess wasn’t feeling the high.

She went on to describe the turning point as when she was in Paris for a shoot; she had heard news of a 19-year-old fellow model who has passed away suddenly, as Jess recalled her friend’s memory, tears filled her eyes. She said, “That was the turning point for me, I knew she would have done anything to be here and to be doing this, so yeah… that was really it for me.”


Viewers also discovered that Jess and Ashley’s mum raised the two as a single mum, and waited until she was pregnant with Ash to leave the girls’ father. “I wanted to make sure that if anything ever happened to me, they’d have each other”, their mum Rae said.

“Now we know that it will always be okay because we’ll always have each other,” Ash said through tears.

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Source: Daily Mail

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