Imagine a movie being made about your two true loves – Jess from Gilmore Girls (yes, Milo Ventimiglia) and a dog. Wouldn’t it be perfect?

Well, lucky for us, it’s now a reality with the release of the upcoming film, The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Based on Garth Stein’s popular 2008 novel of the same name, the comedy-drama follows an aspiring Formula One driver (played by Ventimiglia) as he chases his dreams on the racing track.

Along the way, he stumbles across a litter of golden retrievers. One of the adorable puppies calls out to him, prompting him to quickly adopt him, and just like that, the journey begins. 

The movie is told from the perspective of this dog, appropriately named Enzo (played by Kevin Costner), whose loving presence lifts his owners’ spirits as they wade through career struggles and personal setbacks. 

Crying yet? Prepare yourself. 

From getting married to becoming a father, Enzo stands by his owner’s side, saying: “Call it fate, call it luck… All I knew was I was meant to be his dog.”


You’re crying now, aren’t you?

If there’s two things guaranteed to get our attention, it’s Milo Ventimiglia and dogs. And, guess what… The Art Of Racing In The Rain has both of them. 

Warning: An infinite amount of tissues and junk food (to eat the pain away) appear to be mandatory while viewing this film.

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