Jennifer Garner has accepted that bad things happen to good people.

In her new movie, Miracles From Heaven, she is lead character Christy Beam, a mum who has a 10-year old girl who is diagnosed with an incurable cancer. At one stage in the movie Christy loses her faith in God and stops going to church.

When the cancer ends up being cured, it is put down to a prayer Christy made at the bottom of a tree.

However, Garner has told E!Online that she has never lost faith.

She says ”You can’t expect the world to just be good” continuing on to say ” You can’t have faith if only good things are happening int he world.” That’s the whole point, you have to dig deeper to find something.”

Garner admits that her own situation with Ben Affleck has lead to her going back to church with her kids just like she did in West Virginia.

”I hadn’t been participating in giving them some kind of ground under them on the way that parents had done for me” she said ”I just expected them to have it because I do”.


It would appear that the Afflleck divorce is showing some kind of impact on the family..

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