Jesinta Campbell has broken her silence amid rumours circulating around her AFL player fiance, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin. So far unfounded claims of substance abuse and infidelity have added to pressure for the couple after Franklin publicly announced an absence from the sport due to mental health issues.

Angered by the reports, Campbell has recently decided to give statement to her unwavering support for her love. “He’s got the best support around him and we’re so grateful to everyone that has reached out to us,” Campbell said at the launch of Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, which hse is an ambassador. “He’s getting the best help possible and he’ll be back before we know it.”

Ever the professional, she went on to refocus her statement to the purpose of her presence, while addressing media directly for coverage of the rumours.

“Rumours are rumours for a reason and you’re all reporters so if you actually want to report on anything of substance I’m sure you’ll be interested to know that two in three adults in Australia and one in four children in Australia suffer with obesity,” she said. “So it’s great that I can actually be here promoting something that is so positive in the community and promoting a great, healthy active lifestyle,”

This comes after Campbell addressed the mental health issues in Australia via her Instagram account, last week.

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