We all know how much Jase loves to pride himself on his ability to win Verbal Ping Pong against PJ. But, can he beat this week’s celebrity guest?

Much like the game ‘Ship Came Into Harbour’, Jase and PJ are given a category, and then take turns to name something from that list until someone cannot. 

However, the stakes were raised for this week’s Verbal Ping Pong. PJ put her Bistro Morgan donut wall on the line for Jase’s fancy gelato cart from Something Sweet Gelato. Will Jase be able to win PJ’s donut wall and vice versa? 

PJ’s representative this week was Adam Hyde from Peking Duk (one of PJ’s party guests), but will he be able to beat the reigning champion? Will the winner’s actions affect the other person’s chance at winning the Battle of the Parties? 

Adam Hyde vs. Jase Hawkins – who is the ultimate Verbal Ping Pong champion?

Watch the video above to see who wins the Verbal Ping Pong battle!

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