Did the Prime Minister of Australia just HANG UP on Jase & PJ

Prime Minister Scott Morrison abruptly ended an interview on the Jase & PJ Show this morning after a fire alarm blasted through his Tasmanian hotel. 

“Is that an alarm?” PJ asked, upon hearing a commotion in the background of the call.

After a bit of “umm’s” and “ahh’s”, the Prime Minister explained that the fire alarm in his hotel room was going off.

“I better go. I’m sorry about that,” he responded, abruptly ending the call.

Was that the real reason though?

“Was he having a laugh. Was he serious?” PJ questioned. 


Jase joked: “He’s having a little nervous dart ahead of the election”. 

After a few moments of silence, the Prime Minister finally returned the call, explaining the situation.

If you expected security to have run over to protect the PM, then you might be surprised. They were all allegedly “relaxed”. Who would’ve thought? 

Watch the above video for the full chat!

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