A Sydney restaurant owner has banned iPads and iPhones from his restaurant, claiming that parents should interact with their kids otherwise they should “just stay home”. 

If you thought that was bad enough, then think again. He’s also banned colouring books, board games and building blocks too.

“I’m not out there to give parenting advice, but the whole reason we set up this place was to create sharing experiences,” Attila Yilmaz told Jase & PJ.

“The majority of the families that come in here are fantastic. The kids get involved and they share. Our menus are even set up to pick what you want for the kids to read and get involved with it.”

In terms of banning colouring pencils, the father-of-two wants to put a stop to families coming in with a “whole activity pack” that resembles a creche. 

The conversation started when Yilmaz took to his Instagram page to share a post telling customers to “leave your kids at home if they can’t sit at a dinner table without colouring books or an electronic device.”


Do you agree with Attila Yilmaz’s decision to ban these items from his restaurant? Watch the video above to hear more about his controversial opinion.

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