It’s been almost a decade since Jamie Lynn Spears left Hollywood at age 17 and gave birth to her daughter, Maddie, in 2008 but now Britney’s kid sister is back!

Jamie Lynn is about to release a new country single called ‘Sleepover’ this week and the former cild star is also headlining a TLC documentary called ”Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out”.

And they really went into being a teen mum!

When talking about how she found out she was pregnant, it’s actually pretty cringeworthy and hilarious.

She revealed that she found out inside a service station after she became ill in front of a friend who then encouraged her to take a pregnancy test.

Jamie Lynn says ”We didn’t want to do it at home, so I went in the BP [service station] and I took a pregnancy test”. She then passed the test to her friend to read back the results.

She said it took her a minute to realise the truth before saying ”What? What? What?”


The ‘Zoey 101’ star then also dished the on the impossible task of telling her parents she was expecting a child. She chose to leave them a note, instead of telling them face-to-face.

Her father said ”For me, the world stopped a couple seconds. It was a total shock.”

The most amazing part was Jamie Lynn talking about her attidude toward the child, saying she never thought about giving up the child.

She said “At the end of the day, I knew I had to make a decision as a young girl myself to do something that I could sleep with every night,” she says. “I knew deep down that I was going to have my little girl, even if I had to raise her on my own, and that’s what I did.”

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