It was only over the weekend that we got introduced to a lady called Candace, who shared a live recording of herself putting on a mask that makes a Chewbacca noise when you open its mouth.

She couldn’t stop laughing as it roared every time she opened her mouth and before she knew it, she had become the most watched Facebook Live video of all time, with 140,000,000 views.

James Corden couldn’t resist getting a hold of her and getting her on The Late Late Show and got her in his car, which is usually saved for Carpool Karaoke but this time it was saved purely for a Chewbacca mask.

It’s hilarious as she gets the mask out and starts to play with it but what is even better, is the surprise guest that James gets a long, Stars Wars director J.J Abrams. 

When J.J joins, it becomes even better as all three of them break out into infectious Wookie laughs inside their own masks.