In news that will be sure to  make you smile from ear to ear, we have learned that one of our most cherished TV couples are still going strong.

That’s right, lovebirds Rhonda and Ketut are living their best lives in iso.

Reddit user u/kate9871 reached out to AAMI Insurance directly through Facebook, asking the question we didn’t realise we were all dying to know!

Are the iconic Australian duo still together, or have they ended things amid the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic?

“Hi there so it’s 2020 and I just wanna know if Rhonda and Ketut are still together during covid?” the Facebook message read.

Photo by: Reddit

An AAMI representative responded with some positive news.


“Naturally, they’ve had to cancel some holiday plans but are using the time to relax at home.”

Rhonda (Mandy McElhinney) and Ketut (Kadek Mahardika) first stole our hearts back in 2012 as part of AAMI’s safe driver insurance advertising campaign.

Here’s to another 8 years!

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