It’s going to make Married At First Sight look like something you would show your kids to learn about marriage.

SBS has taken it to the ultimate next level with their new show ”Undressed”.

It is billed as an ”experimental” new show where strangers will immediately get undressed and be forced into ”instant intimacy”.

SBS say ”hopeful singles on undressed will be ask to leave everything but their underwear aside, skip dinner and drinks, go straight to undressing before jumping in bed with a stranger”.

The idea is to completely rethink the way Australia thinks about it’s ”preconceptions about race and sexuality”.

The show has had already had a season broadcast in Italy but the UK took it one step further with their version, making people have sex in a box to show how everyone can lose their inhibitions.

Hopefully, we won’t see EVERYTHING like they say we will.


I am not ready for the full blown stuff.

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