As Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston spent the weekend together in England, holding hands, parading around the beaches and of course, meeting parents, there was one person who was not happy at all.

Calvin Harris.

According to TMZ, Calvin is finding it hilarious that Taylor has already met Tom’s mother, in fact saying that it is ”f***ing laughable” and that he is ”bewildered and astonished” about the whole thing.

According to an insider, he is angry because Taylor always told him that it was ”to far away” for her to meet Calvin’s parents but the same rules don’t apply for Tom’s parents. Even though they live in the same country.

Here’s the reason why Calvin think she is even going near Tom, though.

Tom is very heavily expected to become the new James Bond, now that Daniel Craig has quit.

Calvin believes that instead of this being a real-deal relationship, that it is actually a ploy to get the next Bond girl role.


It kind of makes sense, whirlwind trip to Europe.. they could just be scouting filming locations..

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