A seattle man asked for his girlfriends hand in marriage with what was already in her hand… a newspaper. Rob Schwertly bought a full page ad in the ‘Seattle Times’ where he had a black and white message which read “Brianna, will you marry me? Love Robbie.” 

“I put a little bit of pressure on myself just to be creative about it,” Schwertly said. 

“We both like to read a lot, books, newspapers … and we’re really into preserving things.”

Schwertly who works in the advertising sales department of  ‘The Seattle Times’ asked his boss if he could do it.

“I asked my boss about it who asked her boss and his boss and it just kind of went up really quickly,” he said. “I think people were really helpful and wanted to be part of the special moment.”

On the big day, he took her to a secluded lodge for them to both read the paper in privacy, on the morning of Valentine’s Day. 


“She read the section but didn’t actually flip to the very back,” Rob said. “I was nervously reading the sports section looking over to see.”

Eventually, he had to nudge her along a little to get her to the end. 

“You sure you’re done with this section,” he said.

“I looked down and I saw ‘will you marry me’ and I thought for a second ‘ah, that’s really cute. Somebody proposed in the newspaper.’

“Then I recognized the names. He came around, got down on one knee and had lots of wonderful romantic things to say and asked me. I said yes. We were both crying”, Johnson said.


Source: USA Today

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