This is the disgusting moment a giant ball of wax is pulled out of a patients ear.

The ball of wax had been wedged in the unidentified patients ear causing deafness.

Two previous attempts had been made by medics to extract the ball of wax but had to be abandoned due to the amount of pain the patient was experiencing during the procedures. 

The video shows the patient, under general anaesthetic whilst ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Rahmat Omar, sucks the wax out using a suction pump.  

Dr Omar, a Malaysian otolaryngologist explains the condition experienced by the patient is Keratosis obturans. The condition is where dead skin cells and wax become trapped in the ear, forming layers which then block the ear canal. The condition in this case has also attached to the patients ear drum which may go some way towards explaining the pain experienced in previous attempts. 

The video shows the doctor scrapping away layers of wax to reveal a clean if red inner ear canal at the end of the video. 


Dr Omar who makes videos of interesting cases for his Youtube channel completes the procedure in 25 minutes.  

Cleaning your ears too often can cause Keratosis obturans. 

The patient regained full hearing in their ear. 

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