A date night out for Beyonce and Jay Z recently turned ugly all because of Rihanna! Rihanna who is managed by Jay Z and has been signed with his record label since she was a teenager is getting in between Beyonce and her husband. 

Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship has been through a lot lately, particularly last year when a video was leaked of Beyonce’s sister Solange fighting in an elevator with Jay Z. 

However recently on their date, Jay Z was on his phone for the entire evening and eventually Beyonce got fed up and demanded to know who he was texting. When he revealed it was Rihanna she was furious and reports say they looked very unhappy. 

Beyonce has apparently always felt threatened by Rihanna and is suspicious of her’s and Jay Z’s friendship. 


Look out Rihanna the Beyhive might be coming for you! 

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