The continuous debate about whether cracking your knuckles is bad for you, has been put to an end. Apparently, no it’s not. 

Although the sound of hearing someone crack their knuckles might make you shiver, it isn’t actually doing any harm. 

However, if you do feel pain when it happens, there is most likely some other underlying cause, that you should get checked out.

This new discovery is according to a man named Donald Unger, who undertook a life-long scientific experiment after his mum threatened him with the long-held myth that is causes arthritis. 

Unger decided to pop the joints in his fingers for 60 years, but only in his left hand. After the 60 years, there was no difference between his left and right hand. 

You might ask, but this is only one instance?

Well, Ungar’s research is backed up by a 2010 study of 215 people, which discovered that a history of cracking your knuckles had no link with developing arthritis. In fact, those who didn’t crack their knuckles had a slightly higher prevalence of arthritis than those who did.


Thanks for clearing that up Ungar! 

Source: VOX 

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