Remember when every instagram account you followed was posting photos asking you to ’turn on notifications’?


It was annoying, it was constant – and it took me about two minutes to get over it. Well, after we were told that posting the ‘turn on notifications’ message wasn’t needed – and things didn’t change (aka the world didn’t implode), we breathed a sigh of relief.

But we shouldn’t have. It seems that our feeds have indeed been affected by a new algorithm – and our posts aren’t showing in chronological order anymore.

Some people have been going on about the change and it being a good thing – however I think we’ve all been fooled!

Now you ONLY see photos based on what you like, comment on, or generally engage with.

MY question is, how do you engage with the accounts when they don’t show up on your feed?!


One person, ‘ultracruz’, commented on Instagram’s blog: ‘This is a horrible feature to force on loyal users. I used to love Instagram, but things like this are turning it into Facebook. ‘I plan on abandoning Instagram once this new “feature” ruins my feed.’ Another, by the username luisgavilan, wrote: ‘DON’T DO THIS. WE SHOULD DELETE OUR ACCOUNTS TO GET TEHSE GUYS TO LISTEN TO US. It’s a horrible HORRIBLE feature.’

Source: Metro

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