“Rack off!”

Yes, it’s official – Heartbreak High is getting a reboot.

Netflix has commissioned a reboot of the much-loved Australian young adult series.

Inspired by the original ‘90s series, but totally reimagined for a new generation, Heartbreak High will make its global debut on Netflix in 2022 as an eight-episode series.

“We haven’t had a rebellious Australian YA series on screen since the original Heartbreak High, so this is well overdue. The new Heartbreak High is for young people in Australia today to feel seen – showcasing their stories, senses of humour and aesthetics to the world, and reminding everyone that they are much, much cooler than us,” says Que Minh Luu, Netflix’s Director of Originals in Australia.

“It’s also for the 90s kids, fans of the original series who remember what it’s like to feel understood by a TV show, then racking off. This Netflix show will be ours, and we can’t wait to get started.”

All 210 episodes of the original series of Heartbreak High are currently streaming on Netflix.

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