The Bachelor’s eliminated second runner-up Sarah Mackay has said what we all say after being dumped: I never really loved you anyway!

Opening up about the experience and her feelings toward the third Bachelor, Sam Wood, Sarah told that her feelings weren’t as strong for the 35-year-old ftiness instructor as some of the other girls. “I never fell in love with Sam,” she said. “I had strong feelings for him but I wasn’t in love with him.”

But, there’s no hard feeling between the last blonde standing and Sam, with Sarah blaming her penchant for putting up some serious emotional walls when it comes to matters of the heart.

This comes after a VERY awkward exchange in last night’s episode, Sarah and Sam’s final date went down hill after she asked him if he had any idea who he’d give the final rose to. “All was going well,” she says of the event. “Until he said, ‘I’ve got feelings for Lana and Snez,’ and this was my date so I was trying to take that on board but at the same time I was trying to put a wall back up.”

Sarah showed she is happy and definitely moving on the way we all show we’re just totally fine, ok?: On Instagram.


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