You may have noticed Jackie’s face has been PLASTERED across The Daily Telegraph this morning.

She was shot NOT wearing a mask which at the moment is SCANDALOUS.

Melbourne has started enforcing mask wearing in the city due to the increase of their second wave.

Kyle questioned her first thing this morning, knowing she’s naturally very paranoid about the virus so there HAD to be an explanation.

“I was in a rush and I forgot it…I feel really stupid”, she admitted.

Jackie was the first to admit she made a mistake and that she’s taking it very seriously.

“I’ll cop a fine, I did forget, I’m not used to it…I won’t do it again”.


Masks have been proven to significantly lower the risk of sharing the virus, hence the rule enforced in the Southern city.

After forgetting her mask, she was provided one immediately upon arrival at her destination.

“I get really annoyed when people don’t wear a mask, and here I am not wearing a mask”, Jackie continued.

Kyle asked for POM ‘Proof of Mask’ and Jackie went in search for a mask in her hotel room.

She was gone for a suspiciously long time.

She came back with a mouth mask and plastic face shield AND goggles which is what she’s required to wear on set!


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