If you’re a social media junkie that loves celebrities, then you’ve probably been after the ‘follow back’ for quite some time.

It’s empowering isn’t it? The thought that your favourite celeb, the person you look up to most, may actually be interested in what you have to say, too.

Here’s how you can go about getting the elusive follow back.

Step 1: Follow the celebrity

Be sure to check for the verification tick next to their Twitter and Instagram name, this means that the social media platform has taken the steps to verify that they are in fact who they say they are.

Step 2: Pay attention to how the celebrity uses their Twitter or Instagram account.

The more active they are and the more personal their tweets are, the better chance you have of getting a follow back. Some celebrities (Nicki Minaj comes to mind), simply use these platforms as a way to showcase what they’re up to and isn’t as much about connecting with the fans. Taylor Swift however, is at the other end of the spectrum; less about what she’s doing – more about the fans.


Consider whether or not you think the tweets are coming from them, or from someone they hire to post on their behalf. If they use the term ‘I’ in their tweets a lot, normally it is that celebrity tweeting or posting photos.

If there are a lot of hashtags or links, it may be a good indication that someone is posting on a celebrities behalf.

Step 3: Make a note of the celebrity’s favourite organisations and charities. If they reside with you, you may even become involved or make a donation, then let the celebrity know as a talking point.

Step 4: Just talk to them! Tweeting or commenting is harmless. Make sure you’re adding something valuable to the conversation that is going on and never, ever be negative or critical. It’s important to ensure you’re not overbearing as you may be seen as annoying and persistent, so choose your conversations carefully and only respond when you have something interesting to add.

Step 5: Make sure the time is right. If they live in America, try posting at a time that might be when they wake up or about to go to bed. This may take a little research but these times are when people are naturally more likely to check their phones and take note of what they see.

Step 6: Spark an emotional reaction from the celebrity. If you like their dress, let them know why it resonated with you. If they inspire you, let them now how.


Step 7: Use humour and wit to ensure your post stands out. If you can get a laugh, you’re doing well.

Step 8: Don’t ask them to follow you. This comes off a little desperate and is likely to ensure they steer clear.

Step 9: Ask questions you know they’ll want to answer. Such as, ‘When is your next tour coming up?’ They’ll be more likely to answer you if it’s about something to do with them that they can help you with.

Step 10: Tweet to your followers about the celebrity, only with positive messages.

Step 11: If you’re successful, thank them! Continue on the conversation for as long as its natural.

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