Best friends and sisters Becky and Elly Miles will be looking for love together from tomorrow night on The Bachelorette!

In an interview with New Idea, the sisters revealed how they dealt with the possibility of falling in love for the same man, they were determined not to let it come in between them.

“There were a few times where maybe both of us thought maybe someone was cute,” Becky said “But then one of us would be like, ‘I want to pursue something,’ so when Elly would say that to me, I was like “Yeah, you get it, girl.”

Both sisters have revealed they successfully found love on the show, Elly confirming that she wasn’t ever interested in the man her sister ends up with.

“I’d never be like “Oh, I’m going to see if I can get in myself… It would never go that way”

If you’re keen to tune in, The Bachelorette premieres Wednesday 7th Oct 7.20pm on Channel 10.



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