Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike had to undergo 4 intense cycles of weight gain and loss to suit her character, Amy Dunne, in Gone Girl. Now her trainer, Holly Lawson, is revealing all, particularly how Rosamund managed to lose 9kgs in 10 days! 

Everyone remembers the end shower scene where Amy slips off her dress, revealing an envious body with incredible muscle definition, however what we didn’t know was that this body, was created in only 10 days.

Let us run you through all the various different weights for different scenes that Rosamund had to match.

Firstly, when Amy first runs away, she is slim, but then packs on a few kgs to help her remain under cover.

However then, she returns with killer abs and a bob haircut.

The film which was shot out of sequence, required Rosamund to put on almost 9kgs and then shed them immediately to stay in sync with the character.

Holly Lawson, her trainer who is a professional fighter and is used to shedding and putting on weight to stay in particular weight classes, was more than qualified for getting Rosamund looking right. 


She said “I knew how to bulk her up with water weight and later strip it out.” 

When Ms Lawson was hired she had two and half weeks to help Rosamund gain 9kgs. But, what she did was made sure there was a muscle foundation underneath the weight gain to help them out when it came to shredding. 

‘I put a lot of lean muscle on her, then some fat on top so when she leaned out she looked really good,’ Ms Lawson said.

To get there as quickly as possible she had Rosamund lifting the heaviest weights possible, doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, curls and other simple moves. 

This was the base of muscle that later became the reason for Pike’s incredible definition in the films ending scene. 

Rosamund had to eat plenty of good fats and protein and very few carbs. Then a few days before filming the “fatter” scenes, Rosamund was allowed to go crazy with carbs to put a layer of fat on top of the hard work she had just done. 


Then, before the famous shower scene she had ten days to lose 9kgs. Her diet and training was completely changed. She ate three meals a day involving leafy greens and drinking alkaline water (like there was no tomorrow). 

The training consisted of high intensity cardio and resistance moves, so basically a whole lot of running, jumping and planks, planks, planks. Holly trained Rosamund twice a day. 

‘We’d do five million variations of plank all day every day. We’d do groupings of exercises and the last rotation was always a plank,’ Holly said. 

And that’s how it was done! We are exhausted just hearing about it! 

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