Melissa Doyle has always been beautiful.

Even during her days on Sunrise, she was always a beautiful blonde ray of sunshine. 

Doyle in 2008.

What we didn’t know about the Channel 7 star, was that she wasn’t all that happy with the way she looked back then.

The 45-year old mother of two is said to have tried different diets over time to shift the unwanted weight, but concluded that “diets don’t work!”


Now, 10 kilos lighter and wearing two dress sizes smaller than she once did, Melissa has regained her lost confidence and looks fantastic.

Doyle in 2015.

According to a report in WHO Magazine, Melissa says she sticks to three square meals a day rather than grazing or snacking throughout the day and if she is feeling peckish, reaches for dried fruit and nuts instead of anything sugary.

She’s also started enjoying regular workouts and changed her attitude towards exercise, while finding a regime that works for her.


‘It’s much easier to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise into a busy day than knowing an hour is out of the question so skipping it altogether,’ Melissa said, adding she watches her favourite TV shows on the treadmill for added incentive.

You go, girl!

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Source: WHO Magazine and

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