This girl hands down wins the internet. 

It was princess dress ups day at her dance class, so as you would expect there was plenty of pink tutus, an Elsa, tiaras galore…

But one little princess, Ainsley, caught our eye.


Bucking the trend of traditional dress up ideas, she decided she wanted to go as her favourite dress up costume.

A Hotdog. 


Yes. A Hotdog. 

And she absolutely nails it. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of creativity and individuality. 

Plus, who says all young girls need to aspire to be royalty… 


The initial photos were posted by her teachers who explained what happened. 

“When [Ainsley] got there everyone was so surprised but we loved it and thought it was great that she wanted to wear a hotdog costume. We all took pictures because we thought it was funny that she came to princess week as a hot dog.”

What’s 100x better (if that’s even possible)…

“She loves princesses, but she wanted to be original and wear a hotdog costume instead,” she said.


“She wore a princess costume underneath it and said she was a princess on the inside!”

H/T: Buzzfeed